We set your energy free at Arbor Center for Acupuncture


To a way of life that works for you.
To living in harmony with the seasons.
To a full and rewarding inner life that complements your achievements in the outer world.
To birth.
To joy.
To a future you may not yet have dreamed about.

Linda Browne is the owner and co-founder of Arbor Center for Acupuncture in North Potomac, MD. Acupuncturist, holistic healer, teacher, and passionate advocate for your health in the modern world—Linda delivers high quality care with gentleness, warmth, professionalism, and respect.

FREE eBook DownloadLinda’s special passion for holistic fertility treatments, living in harmony with the seasons, establishing balance in a modern world, and increasing energy, will help her guide you along new paths to health and well-being.

Acupuncture is all about energy. Moving, releasing, gathering and multiplying energy. Energy will help you live better, get more of what you want in life, and take better care of yourself and the people you love.

Begin your own journey of discovery by downloading my free eBook: How to Thrive in the Modern World so you can learn more about the power of acupuncture and holistic healing.