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Modern women must contend with particular life challenges. Even with successful careers, we must work hard to balance life at home, cultivate energy, and find time to replenish ourselves along the way. Acupuncture and holistic health treatments with dedicated healing artisan Linda will release your energy and support your creativity as you are guided along new paths to health.

Healthy practices begin with you—it takes education and support to create healthy lifestyles and habits. The Arbor Center approach is holistic and includes acupuncture, dietary therapy, wellness coaching, therapeutic listening, and other types of healing to help you make lifestyle changes and live a more fulfilled life. We are passionate about bringing this knowledge into the community in person and virtually with speaking engagements, classes, teleconferences and webinars.

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Classes, Workshops & Events

Modern stressors can place demands on us that make it challenging to keep wellness as a priority. Linda co-founded The Arbor Center for Acupuncture to support family wellness with holistic medicine.

Linda is committed to helping her clients get well and stay well physically, mentally, and emotionally through all stages of development—childhood, teen, childbearing, parenting, and on through the wisdom years.