Holistic Healing Clients

Are You My Client?

Start with these quick composite characters that represent the women who come to Arbor Center for holistic healing and personal transformation, then continue on to the testimonials and read what real clients have to say. If you see yourself in any of these stories or testimonials, know that I am are here for you and that you too can have the fulfilled, balanced, pain-free life you seek.


A successful worldly woman comes to us knowing that anxiety and stress are hurting her on many levels. Cara isn’t sleeping, her cycles are off, and she hasn’t conceived after many months of trying. The fertility treatments that she’s tried so far have cost a lot but she’s left constantly wondering if she’ll ever have the life and family she craves.

Coming to Arbor Center for Acupuncture marked a turning point in Cara’s life and health. As she worked with Linda she realized the connections between body, mind, and spirit were both the barrier and the answer to changing her life and health at a deeper level. She made a different kind of effort to take responsibility for her health, accepting that she always has choices and dedicating her energy to the process of transformation.

The anxiety and stress subsided as she let go of wanting quick fixes and focused instead on creating a life that would continue to sustain her as she starts the next chapter. Combining holistic healing with her fertility treatments helped her conceive and carry her child to term. Now she is very clear that she was just perfect all along, but faced hurdles that prevented her from creating the life she was capable of living for herself and with her family.


Barb came to Linda seeking relief from constant nagging pain that extended down from her neck, across her shoulders, all the way to her lower back. She had seen many different Doctors and was most often told that the pain could not be as bad as she claimed because there weren’t obvious physical signs that showed up on scans. Pain relievers, exercise, and massage were often mentioned but failed to provide any lasting relief.

Linda listened deeply to Barb’s story and observed the changes in her body as she spoke. It was obvious that reaching out for help when she was scared and depressed was very difficult, especially after her past experiences with modern medicine. Over the course of several sessions Linda used different treatments to provide relief and to help her understand the reality of body-mind-spirit connection. When Barb talked about the different ways her personal and professional life was constrained and restricted by pain, Linda would listen, then both show and suggest different ways of being—teaching Barb that there is much more to physical pain than the physical.

Combining acupuncture and energy balancing helped Barb discover strength and resilience she didn’t know she had, and pain eased then her fear and depression shifted. Moving past comfort zones and working through transitions is easier with the support of knowledgeable healers who do listen and don’t judge, and at the same time provide a reality check. Life change means lifestyle change and there is no pill that will bring the same result. Barb’s life is different now; people notice the changes within her at work and in the community—she has come into her own even though she was already an outwardly successful adult.