Client Testimonials for Arbor Center for Acupunture

At Arbor Center for Acupuncture my clients come first and I’m honored that some of them have shared their stories below. Read on to learn more about their experiences and our success with increasing fertility, living without pain, improving mobility, restoring balance to the head and sinuses, treating anxiety and depression, as well as promoting wellness.
~ Linda


As a medical practitioner I spent time researching all of my options when I lost my third pregnancy. My doctor was unable to come up with any reason for these losses. Medically, I am fit, but I was really gun-shy about trying again. The physical and emotional toll was more than I could have imagined. Then I began to have trouble getting pregnant again. I went back to doing my own research. I came across several studies through the NIH regarding the role of acupuncture and pregnancy, fertility. Infertility treatments were not an option for me for many reasons and I wanted to find and try all of the most natural approaches I could to see if motherhood would ever be for me. Well after 3 months of acupuncture with Linda I not only was pregnant, but I stayed pregnant until delivering a healthy baby girl earlier this year. I am so grateful for the role of acupuncture and particularly the emphasis on letting the natural course of events happen. I glad that path lead to my daughter.
BC Rockville, MD

Improving Mobility & Living Without Pain

Chronic Pain and Fatigue — My experience with Arbor Center for Acupuncture has been extremely positive. I came to see Linda for treatment of chronic pain and fatigue, and my sessions with her have made a huge impact on my life and my ability to function.

Linda treats in a holistic manner and my physical symptoms are never any less important than my emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Even in the midst of my symptoms which cause significant physical distress, she manages to create an environment that is safe, comfortable, and warm. Her office is a place where I have always felt supported and well taken care of, and she always manages to create a peaceful space for me by being in tune with my needs.

Linda is selfless with her time, puts so much of herself into her work, and is extraordinarily dedicated to easing my symptoms and improving my quality of life. Her work and skills are backed by a highly developed base of knowledge as well as by a keen sense of intuition that combine to make her treatments effective.

In addition to the pain and fatigue that I have been treated for, I have also come to Linda experiencing anything from a sprain to a headache and she has always been able to instantaneously adapt my treatment to encompass and heal these ailments as well.

Most importantly, I can attest to the fact that despite coming into Linda’s office feeling pain and stress, I always leave feeling strengthened, comforted, and supported. Linda is an amazing healer and I can highly recommend her services.

Frozen Shoulder – I lived with shoulder pain for over two years thinking that it would just go away on its own.  Well, it didn’t.  I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who told me I had frozen shoulder. I was told my options were either to have surgery or to just live with the pain.  Since, I didn’t want surgery I decided to try physical therapy.  I tried PT for about six months with no real change.  Finally, I tried acupuncture and am really thrilled with the results.  Don’t get me wrong I, too, was skeptical about acupuncture as an alternative medicine, not to mention the needles.  But, I now have full range of my arm and I am extremely happy I tried it.  I recommend it to friends and co-workers and I continue to see Linda on a regular basis for my other aches and pains.  Keep of the great work, Linda!  Thanks!!
DF Silver Spring, MD

Golfer’s Hands – For the past several years it was very painful to grip my golf clubs w/o PAIN – usually to the tune of 6 Advil per round played! After my initial concern about letting someone stick needles in me while I was awake – the results have been truly fantastic! After the introductory assessment and treatment I felt and experienced immediate relief and results!  The follow-up treatments only made the results better and to now – more permanent! I have been able to grip clubs and clasp my hands together as I’ve not done in at least six years! I will continue to use this treatment as necessary!
LO Marlboro, MD

Shoulder and Arm Pain – I had been suffering from pain in my left shoulder that traveled down to my elbow for several months. This was not a pain which would take you to the Emergency Room but bad enough to keep me from getting a good night sleep and linger around several times a day. I decided to try acupuncture as I had gone to a chiropractor but didn’t get the pain relief I was looking for. To my surprise the acupuncture treatment was painless and gave the pain relief I was looking for in one treatment! It has been three months the pain is only starting to return slightly. I will definitely go back to Linda to get retreated with acupuncture.
TT Warrington, PA

Musician’s Hands – I began seeing acupuncturist Linda Browne in late February of 2008 to treat inflammation in my hands. I’ve worked as a writer/journalist for about 14 years since college, and have always played some type of instrument, keyboard or guitar, since before I was a teenager.

During my 20s, I noticed a mild soreness in my fingers and the tops of my hands, presumably as a result of typing at my job and then coming home and playing guitar, bass guitar, or keyboard for usually more than an hour a day, sometimes 2 or 3. In addition to that, I would constantly fidget with my fingers or roll pieces of paper between my fingers. All of this added up to a constant soreness in the muscles of my fingers and in the joints.

At one point I heard about repetitive motion disorder, a condition affecting computer users that occasionally crippled them. The only solution was to stop using their hands and fingers so much. I saw a couple of doctors about my condition but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

By the time I began seeing Linda I was in bad shape. My hands were incredibly sore and puffy all the time. The smallest action usually hurt. Even just someone touching the top of my hand was painful. And this was even after I had taken time away from my profession to pursue other jobs that didn’t require as much typing. Music is my number one passion in life, and I was becoming convinced that I would have to stop playing forever. Also, I was terrified that I might have to quit my job and go on disability, a fear I had lived with off and on for almost 10 years.

I had had limited exposure to Chinese medicine by the first time I went to see Linda. I had received acupuncture once for a health checkup/general treatment a couple of years earlier, but for nothing as specific. I’d had exposure to other holistic health doctrines, such as Ayurveda, a health approach from India, and believed that an alternative, Eastern approach might work. Besides, I was desperate.

During my first visit to Linda, my condition responded to the treatment literally within seconds. The puffiness and the redness began to disappear about 4 or 5 seconds after she put the needles in. She also prescribed an herbal anti-inflammatory cream to use on my hands after playing music or typing. I’m a bassist and use my fingers, not a pick, to pluck the strings, so I get it in both hands.

I began seeing Linda 2 or 3 times a week for about 6 weeks, and then slowly began to taper off my visits. I still see her occasionally, but at this point it’s been more than 7 months since my last treatment. I am incredibly indebted to Linda Browne for her work on my condition. It has allowed me to continue working which is a major relief as I’m not really trained in anything else besides writing. But it’s also allowed me to re-explore my first love, music. Since I began treatment last year, I’ve been playing non-stop and have begun performing again. On top of that, I went into a music studio with some friends a few months ago, my first time ever in a recording studio and something I had wanted to do my entire life. I’m actually playing and performing with 2 bands now, and a friend of mine and I are plotting another music project that would require playing and performing.

Thanks to Linda Browne, I am such a stringent believer in acupuncture and have recommended her work and Chinese medicine to almost all of my friends and family members. Thanks again Linda.
DZ Silver Spring, MD

Restoring Balance to the Head and Sinuses

I cannot say enough wonderful things about acupuncture in general and about Linda Browne in specific.  I have been having acupuncture treatments for more than 15 years to address a variety of health concerns, including headaches and other stress related ailments, hay fever and sinusitis, heel spurs, depression, insomnia, and PMS.  Acupuncture has improved my energy level and immune system, balanced my hormones and regulated my menstrual cycles, given me a greater sense of calm and inner peace, and profoundly enhanced my overall sense of well-being.

Linda is an excellent acupuncture practitioner.  She is attentive and very supportive.  Not only she is well versed in a number of treatment approaches and techniques, she offers practical and useful lifestyle changes that compliment the treatments and approve health.  Since Linda began treating me, I have not had a sinus or respiratory infection (the first winter in three years!).  I can honestly say I am a healthier and happier person because of my treatments with Linda.
KB Silver Spring, MD

When I first came to see Linda, my chief complaint was an overwhelming feeling of discomfort in my chest which brought about an incessant dry cough. I had been suffering off and on from this malady for several years and had become a huge annoyance in my daily life.  After seeing Ms. Browne for approximately 2 months, that uncomfortable tickle in my chest dissipated and I felt as though I had a new lease on life!  Linda has also treated me for a variety of ailments including lower back pain, sinus/chest congestion and parasthesia all of which have been greatly diminished in severity. Although I was skeptical at first, Linda has transformed the way I view my body and its power to heal itself.
MR Gaithersburg, MD

Anxiety / Depression

Linda Browne’s approach to acupuncture is intuitive as well as skilled. She has shown me that acupuncture is more than just a medical procedure. Just by feeling my pusles she can determine if I have eaten, slept, and my general state of well-being. From the start we reviewed events in my life that have affected both my mental and physical condition. Through this process I feel she has an understanding of me that exceeds even the closest members of my family.

I decided to try acupuncture as a possible treatment for insomnia, and nervous tremor, both of which have been life long problems. The first visit produced an amazing result. After insertion the needles, I fell asleep. This is a first time event and particularly unexpected since I am not prone to fall asleep in new places or even the most common of situations.

Subsequent visits have been equally as fulfilling. My tremor has subsided and I have become more grounded even in the face of adversity. Other rewards have been a serenity that has been virtually unknown to me and a sense of heightened self-esteem. Although I do not feel like this all day every day, just experiencing these affects has given me hope. I attribute this to Linda’s treatments and her sensitivity to adjust her approach to my responses. To this end I have found that Linda will go to great lengths and is selfless about her time. Her devotion to my comfort and respect for my personal dignity has given me an equal respect for her. I have developed a trust in her that has opened me to try anything acupuncture has to offer.
BB Silver Spring, MD


Linda’s treatments have been the cornerstone of my support system during a rapid and intense period of spiritual growth and personal change.  It is so incredibly comforting to be able to discuss my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment.

I feel that Linda is able to tune into whatever treatment is called for in order to support where I am on my path – whether it be struggling through an intense period of grieving or clearing energy blocks that stand in the way of me living in joy and fulfilling my life purpose.